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Better productivity, better visibility! do you need a CRM or accounting software for small business?

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Small business owners, through necessity, often create processes and systems on the fly in order to ‘get stuff done’. Over a period of time functions of the business are added on – often using manual processes and usually using existing tools.

This approach, which lacks design, is not necessarily  going to provide good visibility of your business performance. Nor is it necessarily the best way to do something.

Large organisations spend considerable time and money on process design, re-engineering and determining the highly efficient process design for achieving their business objectives BEFORE updating or introducing new software.

The reason: productivity and visibility! 

Adding new software or systems without considering firstly what you do, why you do and how you can do it better has the potential to add more complexity and therefore reduce productivity. Visibility is great when you are capturing the right information – but do you know what information you need?

Numbers And Finance

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According to the Sensis Business Index Report – June 2015
“As has been the case for many surveys, lack of work or sales is the primary concern for SMEs … “

How messy are you business processes?

Do your work processes and systems support visibility of historical data in areas such as:

  • customer profitability
  • trends for buying
  • interest areas for targeted marketing

This knowledge can help you target your efforts and make decisions to support your business growth which can be critical during lean financial times.

Are you asking the right questions?

Some questions to consider in reviewing your processes and systems:

  1. If you could increase your productivity to have five hours available per week, what would you spend that time doing?
  2. If you could have one piece of knowledge about all of your customers, what would it be?
  3. If you could reduce or remove a piece of manual effort from your week, what would you ditch?
  4. What are the 3 most important things you do in your business?
  5. Do I spend more time on less important things because of bad processes and systems?

So what do I need a CRM or accounting software for small business?

To answer this you need to get clear on your business objectives and what is the most important missing piece of your business processes.

We will go into this in more depth in later posts so stay tuned!  If you have any immediate requirements please contact us here at Adaptick.

We’d love to hear your comments about what challenges you face in your business.

Tracy Anthony

Tracy Anthony

Wearer of many hats: business consultant, wordpress developer, business analyst, project manager, online solutions implementer

There aren't too many business types that Tracy hasn't experienced in her 30 year career. She believes there are readily available productivity and profit gains available to small business through the careful selection and implementation of 'best of breed' software. The power of integration of a businesses data and networks has the ability to transform and grow business. Adaptick's aim is to assist businesses to access the power of process design and systems integration to increase productivity and visibility.

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